Terms & Conditions

The Crown Rentals

Sur-Ron Terms And Conditions

What does the price include?

– The price stated includes 3rd party insurance for the Bike, A fully charged battery and protective equipment ( example; Helmet )

Can multiple riders use 1 bike?

– No. Our policy covers 1 rider per bike ONLY.

I couldn’t make my booking, do I get my money back?

– In the instance of not being able to attend your booking, we will hold 50% of the booking fee.

It is raining, can I cancel my booking?

– No, you have the choice if you wish to ride or not, weather conditions can not play a factor into the

cancellation of a booking.

What is included in the rental price?

– Normal wear and tear of the Bike, the Bike hire for the amount time/ days booked and the standard insurance excess (3rd party cover)

Can I take the bike on the Track?

– No. Our bikes are to be driven on the road and surrounding areas only

When and where do I pick up the bike?

– You can pick up the bike at our office, roughly 30 mins before the start of your drive. You also get a safety briefing and a bike introduction. We can delivery the bike at an extra cost, please contact us directly at mailto:info@thecrownrental.com for prices

Can I take a passenger?

– No, Our bikes are designed for 1 person per bike with a 105kg weight limit.

Do you take a deposit for the damage excess?

–No, we require a passport as a deposit when riding the bikes, you will receive your travel document back when the booking has ended.

What do I need to bring to drive the Nürburgring?

– All you need is; a valid driving licence and a valid passport, we require this in order for you to rent our bikes. Your passport will be kept safe until you have completed the rental.

What if I crash the bike?


-In the case of heavy damage you are responsible for paying the full excess and additional costs regarding the bike. This can also included calculated loss of business.


You are riding the bike and you hit a tree, this will be deemed as unsafe driving on your behalf, if the bike is beyond economical repair, you will be liable for cover the costs of the bike and loss of business.

What happens if the bike breaks down?

If a bike breaks down, we will quickly investigate the problem. Our data logging system will allow us to clearly see what happened. If you are not responsible, you will be dismissed of all chargers. We will then cover recovery cost.

What happens if my bike runs out of battery?

If a bike runs out of battery, there will be a collection charge added to your rental fee. This is calculated on how far away from our HQ you have run out of battery.

It is your responsibility to start and finish your rental at the agreed point. This means calculating your journey and paying attention the your battery life.